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Top Reasons to See Us For Teeth Whitening at New Westminster Royal Square Dental:

While it’s true that some people are more prone to teeth staining than others, it’s equally true that there are many additional factors that can come into play when looking at what contributes to stained teeth. For those who drink coffee, tea, soda or red wine, it can be a challenge to keep teeth looking their whitest. Even everyday foods can cause teeth to become discolored, requiring more diligence in brushing and flossing. If you’re looking into having your teeth whitened, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at our dental clinic by calling 604-526-1216. We offer two options in whitening to better meet the needs of our patients:

Our In-House Zoom Whitening system is safe and effective, and works fast to whiten teeth with instant results. Our patients are well-pleased with the  Zoom system, especially those with busy schedules. This is a single-visit process that includes professional assistance by our staff to select the right color and shade for your teeth. In-office teeth whitening at New Westminster Royal Square Dental is fast and convenient, provides long-lasting results, and is performed by our professionals, so you can have confidence that you’ll experience expert results.

Our Take-Home whitening kit includes custom whitening trays that are professionally created in our office to send home with you. Patented Zoom whitening will provide the look you want. Our staff will fully instruct you on the use of the trays to ensure you get the results you want. You can use the kit at your own convenience whenever you have a 20-minute time-slot that you can dedicate to the process. It’s essential that our patients using take-home kits follow instructions given to them carefully to ensure the health of the gums and to protect the integrity of the teeth. When followed as directed, our at-home kits can provide results that are every bit as stunning as through our in-office process.

Many of our patients find that professional whitening gives them a greater level of confidence when speaking with friends and co-workers. If first impressions matter, we feel it makes sense to make certain that first impression says what you want it to. A thorough, professional whitening can provide lasting results that are easier to maintain in-between visits.

Teeth whitening at New Westminster RSD is one of the most affordable ways to dramatically improve your smile without having to undergo cosmetic dental care. Why invest in veneers to cover stains when teeth whitening is much more affordable and can allow you to display the natural beauty of your teeth? We invite you to schedule a new patient visit in our office by calling 604-526-1216 or by connecting with us over our Royal Square Dental website. If you have any questions or concerns about teeth whitening, feel free to make them known when you call us; we’ll be happy to help.

Teeth Whitening New Westminster
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