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A lifetime of dental health

Author: Royal Square Dental
Published: April 19, 2024 9:09PM EST

Our dentists at Royal Square Dental in New Westminster, BC have put together this infographic for our dental patients who want to maintain optimal oral health throughout their life.

Kid-friendly dental care

  1. Clean your baby’s gums with a washcloth – gets child used to oral care.
  2. Start brushing when the first tooth appears – floss when teeth start touching.
  3. Teach older kids to brush 2x and floss 1x daily – use pea-sized dab of toothpaste.
  4. Take your child to the dentist 2x yearly – make trips a positive experience.
  5. Ask the dentist about additional treatments – considerfluoride and sealants for permanent teeth.

Adult techniques for healthy teeth

  1. Brush 2x and floss 1x daily – removes plaque to prevent decay.
  2. See a dentist every 6 months – regular check-ups catch problems early.
  3. Be alert to gum disease symptoms – red, swollen gums that may bleed.
  4. Limit sugary and starchy foods – they contribute to plaque build-up.
  5. Talk to your New Westminster dentist about cosmetic treatments – whitening, veneers, and other options can improve your smile.

Savvy senior strategies for dental health

  1. Maintain your brushing and flossing routine – use an electric toothbrush if maneuvering becomes difficult.
  2. Try anti-sensitivity toothpastes – tooth sensitivity is common in seniors.
  3. Talk to your dentist about dry mouth treatments – many medications cause dry mouth.
  4. Discuss your health conditions with your dentist at Royal Square Dental – heart disease, diabetes, and other issues impact oral health.
  5. Get treatment for lost or loose teeth right away – dentures and dental implants are both options.

For more information contact our dental office in New Westminster at (604) 526-1216.

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