Emergency Dental Services New Westminster

Why Call Royal Square Dental for Emergency Dental Services in New Westminster:

It can be confusing knowing whether a dental issue is considered an emergency and should be seen by a dentist immediately. At Royal Square Dental, we make time in our schedule every day to see patients who are experiencing dental emergencies, and we want our patients to understand we are there for them whenever an urgent dental issue arises. Keep in mind that any dental issue that requires treatment to save a tooth, stop bleeding or manage pain can be considered a dental emergency. Give us a call at 604-526-1216 and we’ll make every effort to get you in to see our dentist quickly.

Not only is a dental emergency painful in almost all cases, it’s important that it is not ignored since the risk of permanent tooth damage increases the longer treatment is delayed. You’ll save time and very often money by getting in to see our dentist as soon as possible. At Royal Square Dental, we take a lot of pride in offering affordable emergency dental services for New Westminster patients.

If you’re suffering with a toothache, there’s no question you should come in immediately so we can get the pain under control and take a look at what is causing the pain. Be wary of self-treatments you find on the Web that can damage adjacent gums. If your mouth is swollen, apply an ice compress to the outside of the mouth but do nothing further until you call our office for advice.

Chipped and broken teeth are considered dental emergencies. In cases such as these, save any tooth pieces and bring them to your dental appointment. Make a rinse with warm water for your mouth and for the broken pieces. If you’re experiencing bleeding along with chips or breaks, apply gauze until the bleeding stops, use ice compresses to temporarily help with the pain and call us right away.

For a knocked-out tooth, be sure to save the tooth and carefully rinse off the root with water. Attempt to put the tooth back into place if at all possible, being careful to gently fit it back into place in the correct way. If this task proves to be too difficult, place the tooth in milk or water with a pinch of salt. Your tooth will have the greatest possibility of being saved if you see us within 1 hour of losing the tooth.

For all other dental issues, don’t hesitate to call our staff at Royal Square Dental. We’ll happy to provide advice and ensure that you’re seen by our dentist promptly. Call our emergency dental services in New Westminster hotline at 604-526-1216 or contact us over our website if you have any inquiries or wish to speak with our staff about a particular dental issue. For more information, see our FAQ section for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Emergency Dental Services New Westminster
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