Dr. Yuen

Kar-Lai was born and raised in Winnipeg, graduating in 1998 with a Doctor of Medical Dentistry from the University of Manitoba. She promptly moved to Vancouver to join Royal Square Dental, and to escape the punishing prairie winters.

Her area of focus is general family practice and restorative dentistry. She is a member of good standing in the CDSBC, BCDA, and CDA. Additionally, she is an active participant in the Vancouver Ferrier Gold Foil (Tucker) Study Club, the Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics, and the Greater Vancouver Study Club.

When Kar-Lai is not at work, she can be found practicing Karate in the dojo, discussing big ideas with fellow UBC Art students, or sipping an enormous chai tea — while devouring stories and dreaming of being a poet.