Dentist New Westminster

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Looking for a Dentist in New Westminster:

Mistake #1: Not getting a referral from a family member or friend. With so many dental practices in the area, it can be tempting to simply want to try one out to see about their services. The problem with this approach is that there is a process of getting associated with a dental practice, which involves making an appointment, filling out paperwork, and getting to know the dental staff. This is not a process you’ll want to repeat each time you want to try out a new dental clinic. The best way to go is to ask around within your circle of friends or family to find a practice that is meeting their needs. Getting a personal referral can be considered the best way to find a new dental provider.

Mistake #2: Not choosing a dentist in New Westminster that offers the range of dental services you’ll need over the years. Perhaps you’re simply looking for a place to have routine cleanings and teeth whitenings performed. Don’t discount the possibility that some time in the future you’ll need to have cosmetic or restorative dental care performed. If you happen to need a root canal down the line, you’ll be in a better position to have quality work done if you’re already a patient in a clinic that performs then in-house. At Royal Square Dental, we are currently accepting new patients and we are a full-service dental practice, able to meet the needs of your entire family.

Mistake #3: Overpaying for dental services. Dental care is not unlike any other service you may need- there’s no reason to pay more for quality care if you don’t have to. At Royal Square Dental, we have ongoing promotions to help make our services affordable. From 10% discounts to free gift cards and other deals & giveaways, you’ll find we are committed to providing competitive prices on our services. Check online for current promotions and see our referral program. If you have questions about our coverage options, give us a call at 604-526-1216 to discuss your insurance plan.

Mistake #4: Forgetting to take into account where the clinic is located. When looking for a new dentist in New Westminster, choose one that is conveniently located. While we don’t recommend selecting a dentist based solely on where they are situated in your community, we do advise that patients take into account whether the facility is convenient to shopping and other areas in the community that are frequented. Studies indicate that patients who choose a dental provider without giving thought to where it’s located are far more likely to skip appointments or make excuses to not schedule them in the first place. You’ll find our office is conveniently located on McBride Boulevard in New Westminster.

Call to make an appointment and see why we are considered the best dentist in New Westminster- and the one that is able to meet the needs of your entire family.

Dentist New Westminster
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