Cosmetic Dentist New Westminster

Top Reasons to Choose Our Royal Square Dental Cosmetic Dentist in New Westminster:

If you’ve just recently moved to the area, you may be looking for a new dental practitioner in your community. It’s natural that you would want to pick one who is respected within the local area and offers an extensive variety of treatment alternatives. At Royal Square Dental, our devoted staff is focused on providing the latest in affordable dental care, including cosmetic dentistry through the use of the latest in technology.

Are you hiding your smile from the world? We can put a stop to that. Schedule a new patient visit in our office to discuss your goals with our team. You may simply require something as straightforward as a whitening process, veneers to cover little chips or dental implants to replace a long-lost missing tooth. After assessing your dental needs, we’ll discuss your options with you and help you make the best choices in creating the smile of your dreams.

Selecting a cosmetic dentist in New Westminster is not something that should be undertaken without spending some time in due diligence. We invite you to type our name into your preferred directory or read our online testimonials to see why the New Westminster community respects our services. Visit us online and click our ‘Dental Services’ link to find out more about what we are able to provide to our patients.

If your current dental practitioner has referred you to a third-party dental clinic for cosmetic dentistry, you may be interested to learn that our professionals are able to provide cosmetic dentistry right in our facility without the need for a referral to an outside office. Our patients love knowing that the same dental team they have invested so much time in getting to know will be there for all of their dental needs, regardless of the scope of work required. You can trust us to perform root canals, dental implants, and oral surgery, alongside of our full-service general dental services.

We often come across patients who are not satisfied with the look of their smile due to small chips or cracks. For these patients, we recommend cosmetic veneers to cover up the imperfections that are keeping them from having confidence in their smile. Veneers are a cost-effective way to transform the look of your smile without making huge changes.

There are many ways in which our cosmetic dentist in New Westminster can help you enjoy a more beautiful smile. If you have misaligned teeth or spaces in between teeth, you may be a candidate for Invisalign virtually invisible teeth straightening system. Invisalign is a non-invasive alternative to traditional braces, and is a more affordable alternative as well.

For your convenience, our Royal Square Dental facility is located at 800 McBride Blvd in New Westminster. We’re central to popular shopping areas to make your office visit advantageous to running errands. See us online to learn more about our services or call 604-526-1216 to schedule a visit.

Cosmetic Dentist New Westminster
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